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Why is SEO a never ending Process?

This time I want to answer this question with a few counter questions:

Why do you have your shop cleaned regularly? Possible answer: So that it stays clean and so that the customer is not disgusted.
Why are more or less regular products/product groups changed in a local shop? Possible answer: Because consumer prioritisation has changed.
Why buy customers in a store A, which sells the products XYZ rather than in shop B, which sells exactly the same products? Possible answer (s): Because there are nicer operations or because in the shop A the service is better or because the location of the shop A is better. Many answers are possible.
Why create, for example, Supermarkets every week a new offer sheet? Possible answer: So that they remain interesting for the customers.
The list of questions can be continued as desired. If you have any further questions, I am looking forward to your feedback.

SEO is marketing

SEO is part of marketing. Normally I would have to say “internet marketing”. But I think you should not distinguish between traditional marketing and Internet marketing. “Classic Marketing” and “Internet Marketing” are one, make a whole in total. Marketing has always been a process. A process in which people learn through “TRY AND ERROR”. None of us has a glass ball. You do not know beforehand whether the measure will be successful or not. One has empirical values ​​at hand with which one can say that a result occurs with a certain probability or not. But surely you NEVER know that. Well, if today suddenly electric bikes would be sold for the price of one euro, then the probability would probably be 100% that many customers would buy. But that would not be the point. Quantity can not be the goal. In the case of the example with the electric bikes that would be ruinous for the provider.

The important thing is: SEO is a process – a never-ending process (if you would stop to make SEO than you would stop to clean your local store – this can not be the goal!). How much does a cleaning lady cost you monthly for a local store? You should spend this amount on SEO at least once a month!

In this process, you will learn through “TRY AND ERROR”. Furthermore, the search engines are changing the search algorithms more or less regularly, which may mean that specific SEO measures from day to morning do not work anymore. Even if you have earned yourself a good market position through SEO, that does not mean that you can stop it. At the latest, when the search engines change the algorithms again, that probably changes your position. So, stay on the ball, do SEO. It will have a positive effect on the company’s long-term success.



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