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Whoopee! We have a new domain!

Imagine, you open a business in the middle of the forest, surrounded by many trees. How should the customers find you? A new (for the search engines still unknown) domain is like opening a business in the forest, which was infrastructural not yet developed.
The website operators are always so happy when they have finally found THE address for their project, which is then also free.

All the more frustrating are the numbers of visitors after a new website is online under a new domain if the search engines do not yet know the new field. In a large number of different sites and providers, the latter is logical – at least if you think about it a bit.

If you want to earn money with the new domain, then just as in the stationary trade, must be considered, how customers can come by or be made aware of the business. If the roads are not open, no one can come to buy. That’s for sure. So you have to think about how the way to the website can develop. Unlike in real life, no lines and real roads need to be laid or built here. Rather, networking must take place. The first “development step” is a reasonable on-page optimisation. This means that the website should be technically and content designed to be readable and searchable by the search engines.

The next step would be the off-page optimisation. Offpage optimisation, for example, includes references from other sites to its website – the quality and number of these references play an essential role. In addition, it includes whether the contents of your page are mentioned in other pages. Whether the latter is decisive for a good positioning or not depends in turn on the quality of the mentioned page, etc. In principle, off-page optimisation is almost a “bottomless pit”. Offpage optimisation and on-page optimisation should always be an ongoing action.



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