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Website completed. Now the work begins.

Many website owners believe that completing a website is the end of the job.
But it isn´t. Only very few people understand that. Compare your website to a local store. How often is the shop window redecorated? Why are you doing that? Because you realise that not every decoration is successful.
How often is an assortment changed? Why are you doing that? Because you realise that not everything you want to offer is exciting for the customer.
In short, if you look that way and do not always adapt the offer to customer needs, your business will not succeed. This is a process that never ends. You are always looking for improvements.
That’s the way it should be with a website.
With the feedback you receive, you will learn. You will learn how to respond to customer requests. And just as you are continually optimising a local business, so should you regularly observe and optimise your website.



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