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Search engines are blind!

Suchmaschinen sind blind


Search engines are blind. Search engines are still mainly text-based. So in plain text: images can not be recognized and texts contained in the image not synonymous. Last but not least, content marketing is a perennial favourite in connection with search engine optimization and should, therefore, be pursued permanently and purposefully.

I repeat myself here: while the criteria for SEO are constantly changing and being revised: Content marketing will not lose importance in the foreseeable future, on the contrary.

The content provided must be useful to the audience. So you should think about your target audience and their interests. Then create a strategy and an editorial plan and offer appropriate content. Only then will you be able to strengthen your position in the long term and be able to turn prospects into buyers over the long term. Every company has a wealth of information that is relevant to the target group. Even if you initially think that you can not provide any relevant information.

Important: publish regularly. Best at set times. You will find that your readership is waiting for your information as you will receive feedback!




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