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Print design and web design in perpetual conflict

There are Printdesigner, and there are web designers. Sometimes these are two people, and sometimes there is that in one person. When a Printdesigner and a web designer come together, there are usually conflicts. The reason: A Printdesigner creates two-dimensional media, and a web designer creates a multi-dimensional medium. Because of this difference in dimensionality, you can not compare print design to web design.
Why am I saying that?

Quite only: a Printdesigner creates, e.g. Flyer for several different branches of a company. The text differs only minimally. If every department on the Internet gets a page and the same content can be read everywhere on these pages, then that is fatal. In this case, we are dealing with duplicate content. The search engines just do not like that. Duplicate content is one of the deadly sins in SEO. In most cases, a Printdesigner will not understand.



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