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German Internet Law

The German law: What is not expressly allowed is forbidden!

Did you know that there is no internet law existing? Germany is very far away from the Digitization!

Germany has plenty of different laws. And ALL these laws are valid for the internet. It sounds very strange. Maybe you should be a lawyer in Germany if you want to publish a website. It is almost like this.
In Germany, we take care of “Data protection”, we also take care of the size of a “plastic bag” and many other things. It looks like we wouldn´t have real problems. Maybe it is so.
But the missing regulations about the internet, it the case what makes all very dangerous because If you make a mistake, a high penalty threatens. In other words: if you do anything which is not expressly allowed (but also not expressly forbidden!) you are in danger to get a high penalty.
I think that´s very sad and not fair!



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