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Do you want to create a website by yourself?

Do you need a website and ask yourself if you would like to create the website yourself using a modular system?

The following comments:

When you watch an experienced web designer at work, it seems like you can just “hook” a website. The web designer works fast and purposefully. Simply because he knows what he is doing.

The animations of the modular suppliers about the handling of modular system also allow the assumption that with just a few clicks a page is created. But it’s just a guess and not the reality. Creating a website is in any case hard work.

Not only do you have to master the handling of the CMS (for example Joomla, WordPress or others) or the modular system. You also need to know how to edit images and what special requirements images have that can be used on web pages. This is called “image editing”. And also the activity of the image processing is very expensive if the images are not available in a suitable format.

Furthermore, you should have knowledge in content marketing.

The costs

A website still causes costs. When you create the page yourself, it also takes time. And time is also money. If you are self-employed and webdesign is not your profession, then you prefer to spend valuable time in the original work. But not only the creation of a website costs money. The maintenance of a website as well. These are the follow-up costs.


SEO is search engine optimization. You can generally create a website in such a way that it can be indexed (on-page optimization). But how a page evolves shows the experience and development. This makes SEO a never-ending process – which also causes time and expense.



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