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Creative application with Google Adwords

The Google job experiment

The Google job experiment is actually already “old”. But I always find out when I tell people that it is not sufficiently known. It is awesome in my opinion.

American Alec Brownstein wanted a new job in 2010. His goal was to find a job at one of the country’s top 5 advertising agencies. But a “usual” application should not be.

He trusted that many people, especially the bosses of the five advertising agencies, are looking at Google again and again. So he booked in Google Adwords corresponding ads with the corresponding keywords. So when a company boss googled his name, he got a Google ad as a result, in which he was directly addressed by Alec Brownstein.

In total, Alec Brownstein spent $ 6 on this application. He received four invitations to interview and two job offers.



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  1. Das ist tatsächlich ziemlich witzig. Aber ich frage mich, wieviele mehr seine Anzeigen beim Ego-Googeln gesehen und sich ertappt gefühlt haben. 😀


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