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Cost of a website

Again and again I realize that the questioner is unaware that no website is the same. Therefore you can not call a standard price.

Earlier, when I was asked: “Karin, how much is a website with 5 simple single pages?” I immediately had an answer. However, experience shows that “5 simple single pages” can mean a lot of different things.

So: Before I call a potential client a price for a website, I ask very detailed questions. Only when I think that I have enough information about the potential project available, I set to work and make a detailed offer.

A small selection of key factors that affect the price of a website

What kind of website does the customer want? A pure presentation or is interactivity desired?
Should an online shop be integrated? If so, how many products should be inserted. Is it physical products being shipped or virtual products? Which payment methods should be used?
In what form is the delivered material available? Do texts have to be created? Are text already available? If so, in what form is the material available? Does the artwork need to be edited before it can be used for the internet?
Which CMS should be used? Do additional programs have to be purchased?
These points are just a small selection of the factors that influence the price of a website. In conversation with the customer, I work out all other essential points before making the offer.

How much is a car?

Yes, the question of the price of a website can be compared with the question of the price of a car. A car can be bought for a few hundred euros, but also for much, much more. It depends on the use and the claim.

The follow-up costs of a website
Internet sites are nowadays used with high-performance CMS programs, e.g. WordPress, Typo 3, Joomla created. Every CMS is a program that you have to update. The website operator must be aware that follow-up costs are incurred for the maintenance. If such a page is not regularly maintained, the website will sooner or later be hacked and, in the worst case, deleted from the search result lists because malicious code is included. But again and again this is taken lightly, according to the motto “It will happen to nothing”. But it will happen if you don´t make the updates!

Your website is your sales platform on the Internet. By comparison, a local store is the real-life sales platform. The store costs rent, electricity and other consumption costs. The costs for the local store are taken for granted. Regular maintenance costs for the website should also be taken for granted nowadays. Another aspect is that you are not only harming yourself if your website is malicious. They also harm those who visit your site. So they also have a responsibility towards the general public.



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